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You want a furnace to keep your home warm and toasty in the winter, without paying high utility bills. You want quiet, dependable comfort for years to come. And you expect a warranty with extended coverage of parts and labor. That’s a lot to ask, but no more than you deserve. Richards Heating & Air Conditioning is a distinguished Comfortmaker dealer, bringing our customers the very best solutions in home heating and cooling.

When heating your home, cost is probably the biggest concern. Fifty percent of the average home utility bill is due to heating and cooling. Most homes are still heated by outdated, oversized models that are noisy, inefficient and provide less than perfect comfort. You might believe you’re saving money by struggling along with the an antiquated furnace, but as parts wear out and energy consumption rises, your equipment costs much more in heating repairs and utility bills than the cost of replacement.

Install the best brand of heating system: Comfortmaker

The heating and cooling industry is competitive, and today’s manufacturers are rising to the challenge with improved warranty coverage, better heat production and efficiency, quieter operation, and an extensive variety of features that provide both convenience and cost savings. Due to stringent performance and safety regulations, these models are both environmentally friendly and energy friendly.

At Richards Heating & Air Conditioning, our team continues training in the latest technology to provide the very best heating equipment for your budget. We are proud to install ENERGY STAR labeled products and to partner with the top names in the industry. The Comfortmaker models are the powerhouses of the industry, lasting longer, providing superior AFUE ratings, and backed by impressive warranties. Our qualified technicians have the training; experience and knowledge to design the exact home comfort system for your specific needs. We’ll assist you in narrowing the options available, make the installation process uncomplicated and convenient, and continue with seasonal maintenance. Our focus is to make you completely comfortable. Contact Richards Heating & Air Conditioning for personal, professional installation!

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